Don’t Make a Big Mistake – Try Your Vacation Home Before You Buy

The Sentry D880 is a superb safe for anybody searching for a security safe with a luxury looks. Many safes available on the marketplace look like steel cartons and are a little of an eyesore. The Sentry D880 shines above the rest in this class with it is clean black finish and gold components. Measuring just over 2 legs high and offering 4.35 cubic legs of storage space, many folks would consider this office safe a little size safe, yet, it still works excellent as a nice way to defend and store documents, valuables, passports, or a little firearm. Straight out from the packaging, the Sentry D880 feels sound.

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Which could make it a little hard to move, however this is an excellent quality for anybody searching for an office or home safe as the added weight acts as a deterrence to larceny. The door is assembled with a tempered steel plate door which may help protect the safe from the drill attack, and it provides hinges which are concealed to assist in preventing tampering with or unwanted entrance into the safe. Sentry’s D880 is not only a solid safe with a lavish look. The D880 offers an extensive variety of characteristics that any bargain shopper would need before they buy a safe.

As we said before, the D880 is a superb little safe. It offers 4.35 cubic feet of storage space and measures 7 11\/16 Tall by 21 11\/16 Wide x 19 1\/2 in depth. The safe simply fits under a desk, in a wardrobe, or out from the way with its size. The Sentry D880 comes opens through a traditional combination lock. The safe’s hinges are hidden to prevent someone tampering with the door. The one thing to note is that even if the D880 is considered a little safe, more room is available with upgrade to the next model up – the Sentry D888.

The Sentry D888 offers comparable features, but with more storage room along with a 3rd adjustable shelf. Either safe offers the same basic functions and stylish design, however, the D888 is marginally larger and has a somewhat higher price tag. So choose your delivery method cautiously when buying the D880. Once you get your safe, you will notice that it comes along with all the equipment along with bolts to secure the safe to your office or home.