Arcadia Data Offers Enterprise Alternative To Traditional BI Tools

Arcadia Data announced the release of Arcadia Enterprise, a big data visual analytics and BI solution running natively on Hadoop clusters. This architecture frees up IT resources that traditional BI tools require, providing a single stack for storage, visualization and analysis of company data at scale. Arcadia Enterprise brings the high scalability of the Hadoop database platform to self-service data visualization.

“Business users seeking new insights and intelligence from big data are left wanting because the traditional enterprise solutions in use by IT are engineered on archaic BI platforms with limited functionality and scalability,” said Sushil Thomas, CEO at Arcadia Data. “Arcadia Data set out to break through the old stack to give both business users and IT a new Hadoop-native approach that multiplies big data ROI and delivers new analytics at scale.”


Traditional BI business processes required the costly transfer of data from production databases to data warehouses. These processes only slowed the time taken to deliver results, which were typically done on aggregated or sampled data.

Arcadia Enterprise executes directly on Hadoop nodes, giving multiple users concurrent, up to the minute access to production data using Hadoop’s distributed processing power. All of the security infrastructure and scalability advantages of the Hadoop platform are available without requiring additional data marts, OLAP cubes or visualization servers.

Arcadia’s Active Data Store feature continuously models and tunes data structures based on actual queries using machine-learning algorithms. Arcadia Enterprise’s self-service interface allows intuitive drag-and-drop authoring of advanced data visualizations that require no coding, which include:

  •     Flow and funnel algorithms
  •     Behavior-based segmentation
  •     Dimension/measure correlations

Using Arcadia Enterprise, business users with no programming expertise can share insights gleaned from large-scale data stores across an organization. Arcadia Enterprise can significantly reduce the time to insight while lowering infrastructure costs associated with traditional BI implementations.